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The L-1 visa allows multinational companies with locations both in the United States and abroad to transfer an existing foreign national employee from a location outside the U.S. to join their U.S. operations on a temporary basis. Foreign national employees who have worked for the foreign parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or branch office of a U.S. company or organization in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity for at least one continuous year out of the previous three and who are being transferred to the U.S. company or organization to fill a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge role are eligible for an L-1 visa.

Two types of employees may be eligible for the L-1 Visa:

• Managers and Executives who hold a supervisory role within the company may apply for an L-1A visa; and

• Employees with specialized knowledge of the company’s products, services, research, systems, management, operations, or procedures which is not widely held or available in the United States may be eligible for the L-1B Visa.

Employers may petition for foreign national employees through the regular L-1 Visa procedure, submitting a petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for each individual employee, or by filing a Blanket L-1 Visa petition which allows the employer to apply for the L-1 Visa on behalf of multiple employees under a single petition and which allows employers to bypass the USCIS process and send employees directly to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to apply. Generally, blanket petitions are only available for larger corporations as certain criteria with regards to number of locations, previous L-1 petitions, number of employees, revenue, etc. must be met. Once the Blanket L-1 is approved, employers have greater flexibility in transferring employees to the United States. Our immigration attorneys can assist you in determining if your business qualifies for the regular or blanket L-1 Visa petition.

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Where and How to Apply for a Multinational Manager Visa?

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Our Process

  • Please reach out to us by email or phone to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.
  • Our attorneys will work with you to confirm that the L-1 visa is the correct visa to meet your needs and whether the L-1A or L-1B visa works best for your individual situation.
  • We will then provide you with a checklist of documents needed from the employer and from the prospective foreign national employee. We will also provide you with an estimated flat fee for the case and discuss the filing fees and other disbursement expenses you can anticipate.
  • We will prepare the required documents for your petition or application and will send them to you for review and signature.
  • We will then submit your petition or application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) or will provide the necessary documents to you to make a personal application to a Consular Officer at a U.S. Consular Post or to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer at a U.S. port of entry.
  • We will track the progress of your case and keep you updated and will provide you with instructions for making and attending a visa interview appointment at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate (if required). We will also provide both the employer and the prospective foreign national employee with information on the employee’s new immigration status.

How To Prepare

Prior to a consultation with one of our attorneys, please be prepared with the following information so that we can best help you determine how to proceed: A copy of the prospective foreign national employee’s most up-to-date resume; Information on the prospective foreign national employee’s current U.S. immigration status (if any) and any previous U.S. visas held; and Information on the type and duration of work that the prospective foreign national employee is expected to complete in the U.S.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How long can I remain in the U.S. on an L-1 visa?

    If you qualify for a multinational manager or executive visa (L-1A), you can remain in the U.S. for a period of up to seven years. If you qualify for a specialized knowledge professional (L-1B visa), you can remain in the United States for a period of up to five years. Certain foreign nationals who are not looking to relocate to the U.S. but who plan to enter the U.S. only intermittently may qualify for a longer stay.

  • Can my family accompany me? Can they work/attend school?

    Spouses and children under the age of 21 may accompany you to the U.S. in L-2 status. L-2 Spouses may work in the U.S. while L-2 children may not. Both your spouse and children may attend school while in the U.S.